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Increlex known as Mecasermin is a prescription medicine used to treat children who are very short for their age. Because, their bodies do not make enough insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). This condition is called Severe Primary IGF-1 Deficiency. Increlex Mecasermin Injection should not be used instead of growth hormone. It is not known if INCRELEX is safe and effective in children under 2 years of age.

Where To Buy Increlex Mecasermin Injection

Increlex is a solution for injection that contains mecasermin which is a synthetic insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF 1). Which is similar to the IGF 1 made by your body. It is used to treat children and adolescents from 2 to 18 years old. Those who are very short for their age because their bodies do not make enough IGF 1.

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Mecasermin is used to treat growth failure in children whose bodies do not make enough IGF-1. Mecasermin is not for use in children who have a growth hormone deficiency, malnutrition, underactive thyroid. Also, those who are taking long-term steroid medications.

Who should not receive INCRELEX?

Your child should not receive INCRELEX if your child:
-is allergic to mecasermin or any of the ingredients in INCRELEX;
-has finished growing;
-has any cancerous tumors or growths;
-or has a history of cancer.
-Your child should never receive INCRELEX through a vein.

What should I tell my child’s doctor before my child starts INCRELEX?

-Tell your child’s doctor about all of your child’s medical conditions, including if your child has diabetes; a curved spine (scoliosis); or is pregnant or breastfeeding.
-Tell your child’s doctor about all the medicines (prescription and over-the-counter), vitamins, and herbal supplements your child takes. Especially tell your child’s doctor if your child takes insulin or other anti-diabetes medicines; a change in dose may be needed.

What you should know about INCRELEX dosing;

Your child’s doctor will determine the correct dose of Ipsen Increlex. It is important that your child is weighed and measured regularly. So their dose can be adjusted by their physician as appropriate. The starting dose of Increlex IGF 1 should be between 0.04 and 0.08 mg/kg. If a dose is well-tolerated for at least one week, then the doctor may choose to increase the dose by 0.04 mg/kg per dose, to the maximum dose of 0.12 mg/kg given twice daily. Regular weight monitoring is critical for proper dosing. You can keep your own records of your child’s growth, but it may be best to check in with the doctor’s office so you get the most accurate measurements.

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